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We did it, we loved it and we’re going to do it again. So what are you waiting for?

Admit it (we will if you will), you’ve fantasized about the life of a celebrity or super-model and what it would be like to be pampered, fussed and awed over while posing for your very own full page photo in a magazine. We know what our divas want and love to make dreams a reality. To that end we won’t hesitate to move heaven and earth and scheme, plot and plan do deliver your hearts desire.

Well girl, now it’s your chance to check this one off your bucket-list of life accomplishments. Success in the City has joined with DC “Modern Luxury” magazine and Saks Fifth Avenue to help make your dream come true. Together we are bringing you a unique advertorial opportunity in the November 2010 issue for Success in the City members – recognized as the women in the Greater Washington area who exemplify the leadership skills, knowledge and dedication that makes you the elite of your field (that’s what they said about you, we just said you were cool). No, not just any advertorial opportunity, but one that will knock your socks-off opportunity.

This special full-page advertorial will feature “beautiful you” and your business. Saks Fifth Avenue knows that you represent the style of today’s successful woman and is insistent on sharing in this fun and exciting event. Saks will make available personal shoppers in the Tysons Galleria store to help you select the perfect outfit and accoutrements for your shoot (no obligation to buy) as well as the make-up artists for your special day. These fabulous pages are designed by DC’s Magazine professional design team for your portrait that will be shot by a professional photographer.

Your incredible full-page photo will be displayed, for the world to see, in this year’s November issue of DC Magazine that is delivered to a readership demographic perfectly suited to your advertising dreams.

As a Success in the City member, you’ll receive a $200 discount off of the rate of $3,800. If you opt to use the SITC logo (tastefully and discreetly added of course) on your ad, you will receive an additional $200 discount for a final page rate of $3,400.

Not Yet a Success in the City Member? (What the heck are you waiting for???)

If you are not a Success in the City member if you join now you can immediately take advantage of the $400 discount.

To meet the October publishing deadline the photo shoot is scheduled for September 17th thru 18th, 2010 at Saks Fifth Avenue Tysons Galleria. Prior to the shoot day you will spend some time with a personal shopper and stylist experienced at dressing some of the most famous women in Washington DC and around the world. They will help you select your perfect outfit that represents your sass and style and prepare you to enjoy your moment in the celebrity spotlight.

For questions, additional information or to reserve your photo shoot day and time please contact Martha Pheeny, Account Executive, DC magazine at (202) 350-6335 or email: mpheeny@modernluxury.com

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