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At Success in the City we hosted our inaugural Conversations with Prominent Women on Thursday, September 27th, 2012 at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse in Tysons Corner, VA!

Nancy Robinson is our hero for working behind the scenes and making us look so organized! Thank you Nancy!

Joining Allison Seymour of MyFOXdc at WTTG Channel 5 at her table at Gina Poindexter, Zaikia Kainu and Robin Finnell!

Sharing the table with Anita Brikman of 9 News Now on WUSA 9 are Sharon Ferraro and Caroline Alexander!

Newly wed Alison Starling of ABC 7 News sharing a moment with newly expecting Katherine Liola!

Samantha Locke and Lesley Boucher!

Joe Prezioso and Kelly Cravens!

Alison Starling and Allison Seymour share a giggle!

Anita Brikman shares with us how she made the decision to become a broadcaster and news anchor!

Our final group shot with our news anchor panelists, Anita Brikman, Alison Starling and Allison Seymour!