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Our half day conference opened with a thought provoking social media presentation by Anthony Shop, CEO of Social Driver on determining where social media fits into your planning and strategy!

Anthony Shop said that If we use social media as only a broadcast tool, we have failed. It just becomes noise. Don’t create digital litter!


Anthony Shop opening Social Capital!

Our Super Star Social Media panelists included:
Amanda Fischer – CEO of Grade A Marketing (Moderator)
Melanie Spring – CEO of Sisarina (Using Twitter for building business)
Gunilla Girardo – International Management Consultant (Using LinkedIn for growing your business)
Alex Priest – Senior Community Manager at Uber (Using Twitter for customer service)
Kristina Bouweiri – CEO of Reston Limo (Using Facebook for building business)
Cynthia de Lorenzi – CEO of Success in the City (Why you need to be on Google+ NOW)

On Facebook – likes are not as important as your engagement with your followers and community!

On LinkedIn – you can now add videos and pictures! LinkedIn is also a great tool for research and intel prior to business meetings!

On Twitter – Use hashtags to create a search term to follow and enhance smaller community conversations! Buying followers is like talking to someone with headphones on.

On Google+ – You can create a personal page, business page and community page. You can also use Google+ for starting a group page for your family and a great way to share photos! On your Google + personal page you can include anyone in circles and as many circles as you want), on your Google+ business biz (a person must add you before you can include in circle on your business page) and the same is true on your community page (you can send invitations to invite other’s to your Google+ Community page.

Above, Melanie Spring of Sisarina, Gunilla Girardo and Alex Priest of Uber, members of our Super Star Social Media panel.

On our SEO, Video broadcasting and Podcasting Panel we learned:

When choosing the right social media channel for you go with what you’re good at – if you’re good at speaking but not writing use podcasts and or video’s instead of blogs. If your passion is writing repackage content by updating and refreshing previous blog articles into new posts!

For SEO we learned from Kathryn McGeehan, CEO of Market Wise that Google will rank sites lower that don’t load quickly on mobile. Create responsive design in WordPress for web.  it is important to sign up for Google Authorship!

For video we learned from Patrick Frank of Patchbay Media that a great video can be engaging in 2 – 3 minutes!
For Podcasting we learned from S. Lynn Cooper CEO of Socially Ahead that podcasting has returned to the social media forefront for sharing views, interviews, teaching and expanding your reach.

ImageSeen above, Cynthia de Lorenzi, CEO of Success in the City (Moderator) Patrick Frank of Patchbay Media (Video) Kathryn McGeehan, Market Wise (SEO) and S. Lynn Cooper, Socially Ahead (Podcasting) our panel on SEO, Video and Podcasting!

What we learned from our final panel discussion on the ROI of Social Media.

Allen Gannett, Founder of Track Maven (A Competitive Intelligence Platform for Enterprise Marketers) said as a rule in marketing, if it’s not tracked, it doesn’t exist. He added that in marketing, marketers must be part of the revenue machine and demonstrate value through tracking results! Allen says you need to be able to attribute where your followers are coming from.

If you’re getting a lead and you have no idea where it came from, that’s not repeatable or scalable.

Arden Kaley, Digital Marketing Strategist at R2integrated shared that it is important to know the role of your web site in achieving the goals of your marketing outreach. 3 to 6 months can serve as a good period of time for doing trend analysis. It is important to be interactive with your market so you can truly understand where your impact is on your marketing efforts.


Maritza Lizama, Audience Development Director at Washington Business Journal moderated the ROI Panel on Social Media and Allen Gannett, of Track Maven next to Arden Kaley of R2Integrated.

We hope to bring more great programs like this, so if you are interested in hearing about specific social media topics or trends let us know!

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