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A good friend of ours, Kathy Cox, Crew Chief at Harmony Crew is conducting an important survey of top area business leaders and we thought you might be interested in participating. The survey is focusing on companies in this area with at least 50 employees. Participants include all senior management positions.

Her company, Harmony Crew, helps clients evolve and align their leadership approach, organizational culture and sub-cultures, and brand perceptions in this very disruptive and changing business environment. 

Major research organizations have recently conducted national and global studies around employee engagement and culture. The findings are eye opening. Harmony Crew is conducting a qualitative study with a smaller group of select firms to see if the results align, and to ascertain some of the ‘why’s’ behind these findings. Of course, they will keep your comments completely confidential.  Your responses will be aggregated with other companies and expect to publish the report within six months. Of course, as a participant you will receive a copy! 

They have asked us for referrals and knowing the power of our community we wanted to share this opportunity with you.

If you are agreeable, they would like to schedule an hour and a half in-person meeting at your convenience to conduct the survey interview. Or, if you prefer they could interview someone else on your management team. They are well aware that an hour and a half meeting is a significant amount of time and promise to make good use of it. The interview will not exceed that, and may even take slightly less time.

You can reply directly to Kathy.cox@harmonycrew.com or she can be reached at 703-980-1757.