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Suited for Change Needs Your Help As A Clothing Sponsor in Meeting a Matching Donation from T J Maxx & Marshall’s!
It is often said that “clothes make the person”! I don’t know if that is necessarily true but I do know that how you dress conveys a great deal of information about you, even before you utter a single word.
Helping women overcome poverty and providing the support necessary to help them through the training and navigating  through the resources to provide for their own families is a mission of Suited for Change. One of their ongoing challenges is always finding clothing for larger sized women, sized 18 and above.
The supply of larger sized clothing and shoes has diminished, so if you can help support Suited for Change I encourage you to do so.
And, don’t forget, when you clean out your closet in August to prepare for Fall be sure to put aside those items and accessories that any woman would be proud to wear on a job interview or the first day on their new job!
Read below the message I received today from Sharon Flynn of Suited for Change. I do hope that you can help, even in the smallest of ways. It is that invisible thread of one good deed that can change a life in a very positive way!
Dear Friends,
Our clients represent a diverse group of women. They come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and neighborhoods within our region.
They also wear many different sizes. And while we can usually find just the right outfit for them thanks to your generous clothing donations, sometimes we can’t.  Especially if they need a larger size. It makes you wonder:
Does one size really fit all?
The answer, of course, is no. Which is why we are asking for your support today.
Become a clothing sponsor and donate online.
Currently we are unable to meet the demand for larger sizes.  Regardless of what size our clients wear, we want them to look professional and confident.  We are short selections in size 18 and above and literally out of size 3X and above.
We need your support as a Clothing Sponsor so we can purchase larger sizes missing from our boutique.
The TJX Foundation (T. J. Maxx and Marshall’s) will give us $5,000 in gift cards to help replenish our plus-sized clothing.  Our challenge is to match the $5,000 so we are able to serve all our clients regardless of their clothing size.
 Your contribution of $25, $50 or $100 will make you a Clothing Sponsor and help us meet this challenge.
Our deadline is July 19.  Suited for Change will take advantage of end of summer sales and early discounts to have a full selection of clothes for the fall season.
Please make a donation online today here.

For twenty years, Suited for Change has been the only local organization in the Washington area that offers free professional clothing and job readiness skills to women who are returning to the workforce.
Your investment helps women make great strides towards achieving financial independence for themselves. Donate now to become a Clothing Sponsor and make a difference in women’s lives.
Thank you for your continued support.
Best wishes,
Sharon A. Flynn
Executive Director

Suited for Change
1000 Vermont Ave, NW
Suite 420
Washington, DC 20005-4957
(202) 293-0351