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On Wednesday, May 16th Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman and Success in the City will be hosting a fascinating International Women’s Breakfast with Danish women of The Albright Group.

The Albright Group was founded in 2005 by communications consultant Signe Wenneberg, a Danish Journalist and public figure recognized as the Martha Stewart of Denmark. Signe Wenneber was inspired by former US Secretary Madeleine Albright after meeting her at a dinner party in Copenhagen 2004.

Ms. Albright emphasized the importance of female relationship networking and the value of learning from men, whom, as she put it, have been skilled networkers for centuries. Ms. Albright visited the group in Denmark for a round-table discussion and lunch in 2008 celebrating their founding of this prestigious organization founded in her name.

Comprised of approximately 70 women leaders throughout Denmark Albright Group women, like Success in the City women desire to make a difference for other women and throughout the world.

In a April 6, 2012 Huffington Post article on The World Happiness Report 2012: Scandinavian Countries Are Happiest on Earth and Denmark ranked the list as number one!

Happiness, understanding what it is, how to find it, cultivate it, keep it and nurture it, has been a topic of conversation amongst the women of Success in the City since its inception in 2004. For the past 3-years we have hosted a sell-out event on the subject of happiness and we still find it something that seems to often elude so many of us. Sometimes we even wonder if we are happy and we just don’t have the capacity to recognize it.

Even more compelling about The World Happiness Report is that “for the past 30 years, scientific researchers and survey results have all reached the same conclusion—Danes are consistently happier than the rest of the world” On the “world map of happiness”—a map created by a social psychologist in England—Switzerland, Austria and Iceland rank just below Denmark on the happiness scale. Canada comes in at number 10, while the United States is a distant 23rd.

What is universal for both Danish and American women is stress, which seems to resonate as a challenge for coping with success, family and the having-it-all-factor for women around the world.

On Wednesday we will include in our myriad of discussions the topic of stress, how each of our cultures manages it and share insightful techniques and strategies for lowering our perception that we are all experiencing ever climbing stress levels.

Recently, Inc. wrote about the entrepreneur’s secret anti-stress weapon: meditation. But how can you find your inner calm between meetings, carpool, checking email, and getting your already long to-do list done?

We will also be conducting mini-on-camera interviews with our attendees so do hope you will join us to share in what will be a fascinating cultural exchange.

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman
2300 N Street NW
Washington, DC 20037
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
7:30am – 10am

To learn more and register!