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At Success in the City we are simply mad about Social Media. We scour the web, follow the trends and check in with our friends regularly to see just how they are engaging others their social media channels and share the story of their lives and business.

Our recommended social media tool of the day is Twylah! Through Twylah you can send PowerTweets that deepens and enriches your engagement with your followers while delivering your story and captivating your audience with a stunning visual experience!

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The creators and publishers of  Twylah are huge fans of Twitter and they know well the power and potential of publishing and tweeting. To alleviate the frustration of sharing tweets that sometimes seem to go no where they developed Twylah to build on the potential of Twitter and other short messaging platforms.

Using proven marketing strategies, Twylah designed a unique context and experience for your readers that engages and shows your followers who you are and what you’re about at a glance. This amplified context drives engagement well beyond a single tweet and into the whole of your content and biographical information, providing a richer platform for your mission, your messages, and your offers.

Tweeting is great fun! And for some of us, it’s even more fun when our followers actually engage. Try it out, and see the results for yourself.

Oh, and by the way, we are busy working on our Success in the City programming for 2012/2013 so if you have social media or business questions let us know. We will answer them here and if we don’t know the answers you know that we know the peeps that do!