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Engaging in thought provoking, life exploring conversations is one of my personal joys in leading an organization like Success in the City. Whenever I have the opportunity to sit down with another entrepreneurial woman for a one-on-one meeting we invariably touch on some pain-point of life and leadership experience and share our thoughts and approaches to overcoming a perceived challenge.


Yesterday, as I was enjoying coffee with a friend who works in a male dominated industry I recalled and shared with her my years of working within the tech sector and how frequently being the only woman in the room did not necessarily mean I would stand out or gain any advantage.  Sometimes, when there was actually an opportunity to speak-up, speak-out or take advantage of my own presence I would tend to hold back and shrink away from being seen, as though my opinion or presence really would not matter.

During our conversation I shared a story the helped me understand how it is possible to channel our own confidence and authority. In a televised biography on Marilyn Monroe a younger family friend shared her fascinating experience with Marilyn. While together in public with Marilyn the younger woman noticed that no one seemed to recognize or take notice of Marilyn Monroe; the iconic and world famous movie star. Puzzled, she asked Marilyn how it was possible for Marilyn not be recognized. Marilyn smiled and “watch this,” and in front of her very eyes Marilyn changed her persona, as though she pulled out of the core of her very being the mannerisms, posture, poise, glow or whatever it is that made her the world famous sex symbol and movie star. Immediately, people around them began to recognize Marilyn and stare and/or approach her for autographs.

This powerful story resonated with me because I realized that we all have an inner movie star (or whatever it is you want to be) and we simply have to choose when we want to manifest that side of our persona.

The next time you find yourself in a situation where you would benefit by standing out and being recognized “channel your Marilyn Monroe” and watch what happens. I think you just might be surprised!

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