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The future depends on your success.

Most of us have a clear image of a leader. Strong. Smart. Confident. “In Charge of insert-something-important-usually-having-to-do-with-power-or-money-here”.

I don’t buy that image of leader. To me, a leader is ANYONE who takes a stand and influences other people to cause the world to be better.

Leaders run corporations and PTAs; they have authority to make decisions and they rely on heart-felt pleas; they get big name recognition and nobody notices.

If you feel strongly about something, stand for it and cause the world to respond, you’re a leader in my book and I want you to succeed because you’re already changing the world just by being in it.

Take your responsibility seriously.

Stand for what you believe most passionately and learn how to be as effective as you can.

The future depends on your success.

This post originally appeared on the Reclaiming Leadership blog. Check out my new self-service women’s leadership coaching website: InPowerCoaching.com.

Dana Theus