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Guest Post By Kerri Salls

Goal setting is the starting point for every goal. Goal setting is one end of the line. Goal achievement is the other end of that same line. It’s the ‘in-between’ that gets the short shrift.

Everyone can get to the starting line if they choose to. Most entrepreneurs take the time to plan their goals for the business they are so heavily invested in and committed to. They aspire and dream of getting to that finish point of goal achievement. But is that enough to get off the dime at the starting line? Is that all it takes to get to the finish line of goal achievement?

Not in this reality.

All the work takes place in the ‘in-between’. Goal achievement is not something you do, like call a prospect, install a product, deliver a webinar. Those are the tasks that lead to goal achievement. Goal achievement is the culmination of the implementing all the tasks in a well-thought-out plan. Goal achievement is the result of taking action, all the actions to implement the plan.

“Thinking keeps you a prisoner of the past.
Action puts you in control of the future.”

To learn to take action on your goals, start with small steps. Just because you have a revenue target that you ‘need’ to hit, doesn’t make it happen. Make it achievable by breaking it down into bite-size pieces.

When you look at revenue goals on a daily and weekly basis, that number is not as scary. When you take away the fear of how can I do that, you will immediately start to see the possibilities of exactly how you WILL do that.

When you have a project goal with lots of pieces that have to get done, instead of getting paralyzed by the amount of work involved, you do 3 things:

1. prioritize,
2. outsource/delegate every task you can,
3. take immediate action on the most critical piece you must complete/resolve yourself.

Action in that ‘in-between’ will always move you closer to goal achievement.

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