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By Kerri Salls

What do goal achievers do to be unstoppable? Here’s a short list of tips you can apply:

1.    Be fearless – Don’t be afraid to take risks. Being in business, by definition, is about taking risks. The best risk you can take is on you. Be unwavering in your belief in you, your business, your offering.

2.    Be bold – Easy goals are not worth striving for. Big outrageous goals pull out the best in you and your team. Audacious hairy goals get you outside your comfort zone – where the real rewards are.

3.    Stay positive – Release negative thoughts as soon as you become aware of them. Don’t let them zap your energy or distract your focus. Release negative people around you too. You don’t need these people deflating your winning attitude.

4.    Develop immense bounce-back-ability and resilience – No one can do this for you. My mantra is a quote from Napoleon Hill: ‘Winners never quit. Quitters never win.’

5.    Mistakes and failures are stepping stones to goal achievement – Don’t fear them. Forgive yourself and your team when mistakes happen. ‘Fail forward to success’. Most importantly, learn from mistakes and failures so you never repeat them, as you refine your path to goal achievement.

6.    ‘Get the right people on the bus’, as Jim Collins says in his book Good to Great. It’s as essential for your first hire as it is for your 100th hire. Surround yourself with positive people who are just as passionate about achieving your goal as you are. Of course, hire the best you can get, but remember that your first criteria must be their positive attitude, can-do spirit, and optimism to help you achieve your goals.

That’s how you and your team become unstoppable achieving every goal you set.

Kerri Salls
Goal Achievement Expert

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Kerri Salls
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