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Courage is the first of human qualities
because it is the quality which guarantees the others.

Entrepreneurship takes courage. Starting a business and growing it to the next level takes courage at every step.The next time you’re doubting yourself or your decision to build this business remember how courageous you are every day:

It takes courage to be in business, to open the doors every day.
It takes courage to step out and start your business – risk is inherent in business, but you did it anyway.
It takes courage to hire people to support your vision – staff are a responsibility and a commitment, but you know you need them to grow into that vision of your business success.
It takes courage to spend money before you make it – with that courage comes the wisdom to know that exactly when and how to spend your assets and resources to get the results and the return you want.
It takes courage to step out in faith – when no one else has a clue what your innovation will do never mind who will buy it.
It takes courage to believe in your ability, your idea and your vision of what you can deliver in your business and sell it with conviction.
It takes courage to sell your ideas to the bank, your family, a potential landlord, and your first customer.
It takes courage to repeat the process with each new idea, product or opportunity.
It takes courage to innovate rather than copy competitors – it means you stand on your own, more visible with a unique offering you know the market needs.
It takes courage to make the hard decisions every day on hiring, firing, spending, foregoing, fulfilling commitments, meeting deadlines, staying focused on the goal.

So when things go wrong, when crises hit and when you end the day on a low note, remember to take stock of how much courage you really do have to stay the course to achieve every goal you set.

Kerri Salls, MBA is a mentor consultant to business leaders, who learn to lay a strong foundation of planning, systematizing, and leveraging their business to catapult their business to the next level and achieve the lifestyle of their dreams. Learn more at http://goalachievementexpert.com  or signup for her free video series beginning at http://goalachievementminute.com/plan.