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September 2, 2011 | by Jill Kurtz | Posted in Events

I am pleased to be able to share our latest creativity – a Drupal Chick bra created to support the Cups Full of Hope event.

Our Inspiration

Balance Interactive is an awesome group of women who create even more awesome websites.Our tool of choice? The Drupal content management system.

The one downfall of Drupal? The logo looks like a guy, and a boring guy at that.  It is blue and it looks kind of depressed. It istear-drop shaped and makes us want to cry. It tries to look cool, but it just falls short.

The Cups Full of Hope challenge inspired us to transform the Drupal logo to a much more exciting Drupal Chick! The result has plenty of sparkle, lace, eyelashes and glam. To support young women battling breast cancer, our Drupal Chick is pink and features the breast cancer awareness ribbon. It is upbeat and positive. It is supportive and it is fabulous!

Supporting the Cause

Cups Full of Hope is a fundraiser by Success in the City to benefit the Tigerlily Foundation, a nonprofit committed to educating young women around the world about breast cancer and empowering them to be their own best advocates.

As a woman owned and operated company, Balance Interactive is comprised of a group of committed professionals who believe that listening, setting high expectations, and empowering one another are key ingredients to living rich and well-balanced lives. We are excited to add our positive energy to this worthwhile event.

We hope that the winner of this bra feels empowered in every aspect of his or her life!

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