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Do you remember why you went into business? It takes passion, purpose, vision.  It also takes a solid work ethic, talent and commitment to succeed in business.

If you think about it, we’re in business to make money. But money is only a tool or a measure. So your business can’t be just about the money.

Yes, the risks of business ownership are high. But so are the rewards. Friends and family who have steady employment want you to believe the risks are too high. They think they are protecting you when they try to discourage you from building your own business.

How do you combat that kind of pressure?

You have to have a rock solid, compelling answer that diffuses their arguments AND inspires them. Your reason for your business, your passion and your purpose for the business, what you set out to do, your vision of the lifestyle you’ll live and the legacy you will build; all must be part of the goal you set in launching your business.

Was it clear when you started? Is it clear now?

What’s yours? Please share it here.

Kerri Salls
Goal Achievement Expert

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