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As you might know, NFTE provides entrepreneurship education programs to youth from low-income communities to inspire them to stay in school, recognize business opportunities, and plan for successful futures. We are training over 800 high school youth this year in DC, MD and VA.

Global Entrepreneurship Week involves 100 Countries and 10 million people celebrating entrepreneurship and NFTE is a Global Partner http://unleashingideas.org/about

NFTE is looking for local entrepreneurs to serve as VIP Guest Speakers during Global Entrepreneurship Week November 15th – 19th. Bring you real world experience into a NFTE classroom!  Topics may include: telling your story, what inspires you, a time you failed or challenge you had to overcome.  You are the real deal and NFTE’s high school students are eager to talk with you!

Our Partners for this initiative are: Ernst & Young, SmartCEO Magazine, Accelerent, The Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce, and Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).  A press release will go out with all of our speakers and their companies.  Ernst & Young will also be hosting our 50 for NFTE Entrepreneurs the first week of December at a special breakfast.

Why this is important to our region Investing in Young Dreams

80% of high school drop outs say they would have stayed in high school had it been relevant to “real life.”

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship links young people to “real life” by teaching them the fundamentals of starting a business and planning for success.

NFTE provides high-quality, meaningful entrepreneurship education experience for high school and middle school students.  Our program provides young people with the tools to see and grasp opportunity all around them and to build a future brighter than they had ever before imagined.

NFTE DC Region Gets Results

–          22,700 students inspired to succeed since 1994

–          800+ young people in NFTE classes at 19 schools this year

–          20 active NFTE certified teachers

–          184 students received college credit for NFTE classes taken in high school last year at NOVA

–          In 2009-2010, 81% of NFTE students completed a business plan and 40% started a business

–          89% students feel that the NFTE program had “a great deal of positive influence” or “a good influence” on their life

–          97.3% of NFTE students said they would recommend the program to others

Are you in?

NEXT STEPS Please contact Kate Palmer, kate.palmer@nfte.com, NFTE DC Region’s Director of Business Development, and send her your bio.  Kate will follow up with more details and to schedule your visit.  Also, If you would like to learn or invite others to learn more about NFTE, meet Julie and Kate, please find attached an invitation to their monthly Start It Up! Mornings with NFTE—next one is Wednesday, November 3rd 9:30-11:00am at 1990 M St NW Suite 550— we also have December and January dates.