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Hope Katz Gibbs, CEO of Inkandescent is working on a project that will honor 100 successful women who are making strides and changing lives.

The women will come from dozens of industries: actors, advocates, artists, athletes, authors, aviators, chefs, curators, doctors, educators, engineers, financiers, fitness gurus, inventors, moms, musicians, politicians, religious leaders, scientists, and more. They all have one thing in common: They have a dream and have worked hard to make it come to fruition. With grace and humility, they are willing to share the secrets of their success with the rest of us.

How are you amazing? Hope is on the lookout for Truly Amazing Women — and needs your help! Publicists, bosses, daughters, fathers, sons, husbands, uncles, aunts and friends — and the women themselves — are invited to submit a proposal. Hope wants to share your accomplishments with the world. Hundreds of women will be profiled on this website. Later this year, a select group of savvy gals will jury in the 100 women for the book.

Send Hope an email: hope@hopegibbs.com • Published articles: www.hopegibbs.com
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Meet Some of our Truly Amazing Women

Lincoln Leadeship Institute’s Angela Sontheimer

Who she is: Managing director of Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg

What she does: Angela is responsible for overseeing operations, marketing and curriculum design. She is a graduate of Gettysburg College and holds a masters degree in leadership and liberal studies from Duquesne University.

Why she does it: “I love learning about the past because there are so many incredible lessons there for us to understand,” Angela says. “In my job at the Lincoln Leadership Institute, we focus on the Battle of Gettysburg and the Civil War, and I can’t think of a more powerful time in history when men and women were challenged to go beyond anything they ever dreamed of to fight for their lives, their families, and their country. It’s humbling, and important to fully appreciate their sacrifices. I hope that I can share their leadership lessons with as many people as possible.”

Spike TV Researcher Kimberly Maxwell

Who she is: Senior Director of Brand & Consumer Research for Spike TV

What she does: Tracks and charts trends that help execs determine programming for the network’s core viewers.

Why she does it: “I can’t imagine working at a cooler or more intresting place. Every day is fascinating, and I really love learning new things — like I did through this study on men. It’s not just great information for our advertisers and programmers, either. I think this study will be useful to men, and women, as they try to figure out who they are, who makes for the best mate, and what their futures may look like.”

Entrepreneur Traci Bisson

Who she is: Founder, The Mom Entrepreneur

What she does: Owns a PR firm and as a working mom entrepreneur was inspired to create a website to help other working moms develop a sense of community.

Why she does it: “When you are heading up your own company and taking care of kids, the problems are much different than they are when you are a mom who works for someone else’s company,” Traci says. “I needed to find a community of women who understood. So I created one.”

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