On a dark and windy night, I ventured from the Bethesda Metro to Bethesda Row. Where would my walk lead me?   A fabulous restaurant, a trendy gadget store?  No I was making my way to the hip clothing boutique known as Ginger.  As I walked down towards Bethesda Row, I noticed a group of women making their way to one of the stores.  As I got closer, I saw that my hunch was correct, they were going to Ginger, too.

This upscale yet green friendly boutique is owned by Aimee Hitchner and her sister-in-law Gretchen Hitchner.  The clothes and accessories came in a variety of styles and fits.  Any fashionista in the DC area should add Ginger to their list.  And if you ever go down to Florida, you can visit their second store in the Hannibal Square Shopping District in Winter Park

So what was all the buzz that night?  Bridie Clarke, who is the author of The Overnight Socialite, made an appearance and had a book signing.  This event was co-sponsored by Katherine Kennedy.  I was very impressed with the attention to detail that was exhibited at the event.  Nice bubbly as well as scrumptious concoctions were offered to guests such as delightful finger foods and delectable and colorful looking cupcakes.

I had the chance to speak with Katherine who is a gracious and delightful woman.  I wanted to speak with the author, but I had to attend another event and did not get the chance to speak with her before I had to go.  Even though I got to the event early Bridie already had several women in line waiting to speak with her.  She appeared to be a very engaging with her fans.  I hope Bridie does make another trip to the DC area.  I am looking forward to starting my copy of The Overnight Socialite.

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