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Maimah Karmo 36 – Aldie, VA “I stopped asking why and began thinking how, and then asking what I could do to make a difference instead of looking to someone else to make a change.”

MaimahKarmo_portraitWhen Maimah Karmo, a young single mom, was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2006, she felt alone and was afraid of what the future held for her and her daughter. When faced with the facts that 11,000 young women get diagnosed with breast cancer annually and approximately 1,100 of those women die because of misdiagnosis, Maimah knew she had to make a difference.

Even though Maimah lacked the financial resources to start a foundation, her wish to help was more powerful than her fear. In 2006, Maimah founded the Tigerlily Foundation to end isolation and improve the quality of life for young adult cancer survivors by educating and inspiring them to become vigilant self advocates. For two years, Maimah used her own money to pay for start-up and administrative costs, juggling personal bills and those generated from the Tigerlily Foundation. Then, in May 2008, Maimah held her first fundraiser. Since then, the foundation has started bringing in money, enabling it to provide services such as buddy bags, meals and financial assistance to young women enduring cancer treatment.

Younger women have unique needs such as dealing with misdiagnosis and potential metastasis, financial and insurance challenges, fertility, neurological issues after treatment and adapting to life after breast cancer. Tigerlily Foundation is committed to providing these women with a bridge to the other side of cancer with hands-on, daily support – until there is a cure. Women receive services such as the Chemobuddy Program, which provides volunteers to drive patients to and from treatment or to support them with visits, calls, cards and more, and Funds for Families, which offers assistance to cancer patients in need of financial support. Fearless Females is another program offering make-up and support for women undergoing chemotherapy.

Tigerlily Foundation reaches out directly to young women in universities, women’s groups, community events, and clubs to educate them about breast cancer. Through this grassroots approach, the Tigerlily Foundation has reached more than 7,000 young girls and women. That’s why Maimah is a 2009 Woman of Worth. “” Hear Maimah discuss her work ORGANIZATION Tigerlily Foundation 11654 Plaza America Drive #725 Reston, 20190 Tel: 888-580-6253 email:maimah@tigerlilyfoundation.org

Congratulations Maimah – you are a woman that inspires us all!  Cynthia de Lorenzi