Recommended reading – Please Understand Me II – based on Myer Briggs.  Can tell you if your are right or left brain. 

Principles – If you are not subscribing to the new version of Success Magazine you must do so. In every issue there is a double disc of information. 

The universal truth that, when applied, almost always works.  R2 + A2 = Success.  The ability to Recognize and Relate, Assimilate & Apply principles = Success.

80 % of who we are was scripted by the time we were 8 years of age. 
18 month Growth (G) Curve
Elite 18, Divine 9 and Heaven 7
90% of people who know this will not do anything more than what they have done before.  Are you one of those? Seth Godin’s book The Dip that perfectly explains this. 95% of pople will drop out in the 1st year and the in the 18th month a miracle happens and the breakout occurs.

Life is like a spiral staircase.  How far can you see up the staircase?  Meet those way up that ladder
Growth Concepts.
Elite – Who is the person that you admire, respect, have never met and would love to meet them.  Write one name of one person you do not know but everything about them makes you want to know them.  Choose someone locally first!
1. identify the person. Start with a name.
2. Meet that person. Think 6 Degrees of Separation
3. Every 90 days you have some contact with that person.  Send a personal hand written note and then send an email.  Send a book, an article, a tape.  Reach out.
4. How many people outside your immediate circle would never ask you for a favor.  Never ask for a favor and favors will come to you in abundance.  It’s okay to ask for information, not a favor in this circumstance.  “Don’t ask for a favor, give and opportunity!”

Divine – People you are watching. People you may want to get to know.  They are interesting.  Read the book “The Birth of The Chaortic Mind”

Heaven – Heaven sent.  Make a list of all the people that without batting an eye you would give them a kidney.  Who are the most important people in your life.  Garth Brooks song – If Tomorrow Never Comes Will You Know How Much I Love You.  Have contact with those that you lovew every day.

150 – Send emails to those you care about every 90 days with brief and to the point information that is interesting.

Read Many Lives Many Masters.  Read 212 Degrees.  Read a Prayer of Jabez.  Read Malcolm Gladwells The Tipping Point.  (Keep in mind when you are reading the recommended books you are looking for Tom Hills principles)  Selling to A Whale – The Whale Hunter.  Harvey McKay, Dig You Well Before You’re Thirsty.

Whose Got Your Back – Keith Ferazzi
Never Eat Alone – Keith Ferazzi

The Mastermind concept came from Benjamin Franklin.  Best way to start a Mastermind.  Ask the question of who is the next person a bit more advanced in reaching their goals.  Ask them to join your mastermind and ask who they want in the mastermind and then so on and so on. 

Read books only, like those suggested here.  Look for the principles the author wants you to know.  85% of the books written are not worth reading.  Reads New Yorker Magazine because there are valuable articles here.  Read a Theory of Everything by Ken Wilber (first chapter is based on spiral dynamics).  Read Power Versus Force – You can test the authenticity of any human who has ever lived. 

How to read content rich books.
1. Read about the author
2. Read the acknowlegments.
3. Read the Introduction. Will tell you what they are going to tell you
4. Read the first chapter
5. Read the last chapter
6. Read the first 6 and last 6 paragraphs of all the Chapters.
7.  Go to the back of the book and find a blank page and take one-page of notes of quotes and other interesting facts in the book.  The copy that page and give the book away. 

If you write down the 10 adults you spend the most time with you will be the average of those 10.

Everyboy should have a coach that you have financial arrangement with. 

Read Living at the Summit by Dr. Tom Hill

A typical day in Tom Hills Life
Say a prayer of thanksgiving, for family, health, etc.
Say a prayer of forgiveness.  That you will be forgiven and you will forgive others.
Say a prayer for supplication. Our soldiers, our leaders.
Say a prayer for healing.
Read his goals

Homework –
Fast 24 hours every week for 12 weeks.  Can have liquids and juice.
Exercise 30 minutes a day
Meet one new Elite 18 person every 90 days.
Give a compliment to a stranger everyday.
Read 12 books in 12 weeks using the system above
Give a $100 bill to a total stranger every 30 days.  To someone that it will make a difference in their lives. 

Incredible, incredible program.  Thank you Tom Hill for sharing your life-changing principles with us.