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You should fast 24 hours every week.  This is a spiritual discipline
Spend time in solitude
Read the Five Love Languages. 
Read a book a week (at least)

Recommended site for finding out-of-print books – www.ailbris.com

Eye Q – Can read faster www.eyeqadvantage.com.  Will teach you how to read 1000 plus words a minute.
Must read Joseph Jaworski’s book “Synchronicity”   You have to have a mission in life that is bigger then you.  Touch other peoples lives and you will discover predictible miracles. 

Read Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  Live like no one else lives.

The number of thoughts you have determines your income.
Contrary to popular beliefe, the most successful people have only 700 thoughts a day and those less successful have 1000’s of thoughts a day. 

Where are you?

In solitude read these 3 books.
1.  The Power of Focus – Canfield, Hansen & Hewitt
2.  The Power of Intention – Wayne Dwyer
3.  The Power of Positive No – William Ury

Must read the best business book by Felix Dennis – “How to Get Rich.  A maverick in every sense of the word.  His 8 principles

Did you know that there is a magic number and it is the number 8

Designing the Exceptional Life

Complete this exercise to build the life you want….

1. Date (6 years from today)_____9/30/2015________________ (4 18 month cycles in 6 years)

2. Describe your perfect life in the present tense. 

  1. Write your 6 year perfect world Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely Goals
  2. Write you 3 year S.M.A.R.T. goals
  3. Write you 18 month S.M.A.R.T. goals
  4. Write your 90 day S.M.A.R.T. goals
  5. Complete the “Circle of Life.”

 The left side of your brain cycles 12 – 13 cycles per second.  The right side functions at 4 – 8 cycles per second.  Write you goals from the left side and the right side is where the predictable miracles are. It will work overtime to make your dreams come true.

The right side of your brain does not understand the word wealthy, healthy.  Studies show that women are smarter then men because the connection between our right and left brains are larger.


Body fat % is a good indicator of your health.

Write 6 goals that you will accomplish in 6 years

“Nothing changes until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of changing!!!!”

Do you know what you need to know to reach your goal.  That is a left brain where you write your goal – known as knowledge.

3 practical things you can do to enhance the alpha state and the exchange between the right and left brain
1. Mediatation – www.centerpointe.com – Bill Harris created this site and powerful information here on meditation
2. Vigorous exercise.  Getting the heart rate up and releases and endorphin that stimulates that connection.
3. When you meditate listen Baroque music at largo tempo (means slower tempo) Baroque music is recorded at 8 – 10 cycles per second, the same as the left side of your brain.  (Tom wrote a book in 3 days listening to this must while during a retreat) you can get CDs and DVD’s at  www.bobdavies.com

Everybody should write a book!

Right brain – intuition, feeling and emotion. When you look at your goals how bad do you want it.
 Left side is logic.
Action is left and right brain working together!