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This three-part post is a live blog from a fascinating 3-hour seminar – Designing an Exceptional Life with Dr. Tom Hill is co-author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul. 

Tom is so blessed.  He says that he woke up at 50 years of age and has been changing is life and the lives of others ever since. 

Tom reads a book a day and about 400 books a year! 

Tom Hill

Tom Hill

Tom born inthe middle of the Depression with only 8 kids in the school.  He graduated Valadictorian 😉

He is going to share a lot of ideas to grab a pen, pencil and take notes. 

Jim Rhon dropped two tapes on Tom’s desk at the University of Missouri where Tom was a tenured professor at the time. 

Write down six words – Spritual (can you spiritual without being religious – he queried).  We are a spirtual being having a physical experience. Health, relationship, emotional, intellectual and financial.  In 1984 Tom and his wife ranked the importance of these words in their lives.  Moore’s law – the speed of a computer chip will double every 18 months.

In 1986 Tom and his wife moved to Georgia  to sale ReMax franchises after cashing in everything in their lives at the age of 50. 

Do you ever wonder why some people can’t figure life out.  Tom asked this of himself in 1994. 

What differentiates successful people from others..
Look at the first 5 areas of life – if you take care of those the finances will follow.  
1.  Money is attracted not pursued by who you become. Become the best person we can become.
2.  Money does not change anybody.  It’s just an amplifier.  We have an obligation to make a difference in other’s lives.
3.  There is no correlation between money and happiness

Characteristics that differtiate those who are successful
1. Committed to personal develop

Shashi Bellamkonda and Surfy Rahman

Shashi Bellamkonda and Surfy Rahman

2. Networkers who are committed to networking and meeting others.  One person who is attracted to you can change your life forever.  Mark Victor Hansen asked Tom to co-author the book Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurial Soul are a perfect example of this.  All because Tom met Mark Victor Hansen his life was changed forever because he was willing to share his networking system.  You need a networking system that is simple and easy to implement and follow.
3. A learner who reads and studies.  One idea well executed can change your life forever.
4. Understand the principles of success.  There is a book called Principles of  Success by Mark Victor Hansen. 
5. DISCIPLINE (the most important) have it in your spiritual life and relationships.
6. OIMF –  Getting the – Odds In My Favor

Tom ran the Greece marathon with a goal of finishing standing up in daylight ;-).

The 4 greatest books of all  
1. The Bible
2. Napolean Hill Think and Grow Rich
3. The Road Less Traveled by Diance Scott
4. The Strangest Secret (based on 6 words “you become what you think about”  because you will follow your dominate thoughts) SimpleTruth.com – (GREAT GIFT)

Another great book you must read The Richest Man in Babylon

What the best weight loss program in the world? Weight Watchers – Zig Zigler “I never accidentally ate anything.”

Taking a test – What % of people do you think will say they believe in God. The answer is 92%.  94% say they pray.  Kenneth Cooper says that if you exercise every day for 30 minutes a day that it will maintain your health.  The answer is 15%

What % of working adults are overweght .  The answer is 70% (I nailed this one)

The odds of first marriage ending in divorce 50%, second marriage is 60% and third marriage is 80%.  The 4th marriage the divorce rate declines.

3% of American adults have Library card.  2% of American adults have written goals.

Survery of Fortune 500 CEO’s what book had the best impact on their careers
1. Bible
2. Atlas Shrugged – Remington Rand is the author

A Captivated Audience

A Captivated Audience

3 categories.  If you want to be wealthy you need to be in the second two categories.
1. People who trade time for money
2. People trade money for money
3. People who trade other peoples money

Time for a break…..