We can agree that the DC area has an array of events, activities, and sites for one to explore, however, we are also fortunate to be close to other major cities.  I had a chance to visit friends in Pittsburgh.  The city that is known for many things such as the Steelers and recently the winners of the Stanley Cup.  The city has an array of fantastic edifices, which contain fascinating histories.  One such building is Saint Anthony’s Chapel.

The chapel began construction under Father Mollinger in 1880 and was  finally completed in 1892.  This history of this Chapel is quite rich, however, I leave it for readers to learn more.  The reason why I made the visit was the uniqueness of it.  This Chapel holds over 5,000 relics such as the complete skeletal remains of Saint Demetrius, a piece of fabric from the last super and other unique pieces.  In fact,
this chapel holds the world’s largest collection of relics after the Vatican.  The various relics come with original certificates of authenticity.

The neighborhood of Troy Hill is in the northern section of Pittsburgh away from the bustling downtown.  As I drove to the Chapel, I thought I might be lost because I drove through a quite and quaint neighborhood. Considering the interesting collection of relics and reported miracles that have occurred to individuals who made visits to the chapel, one would expect to see grandiose signs.  After a visit
through the neighborhood, I found the church.  From the exterior it is unassuming and is similar to other neighborhood churches.

Once you open the doors you notice the beautiful stained glass depictions and other religious structures.  The chapel was quite, peaceful and relaxing.  Even with its reputation for having such a world-class collection of religious relics, there is no ostentatious feeling to this place.  Once I had a chance to view the various
structures, I listened to a lecture made by one of the Chapel’s sisters.  Even in her enthusiasm she was very subdued in her tone and voice.  Listening to her was a very soothing experience and was different than other tourist lectures, which can sometimes be long and dry.

After the lecture, I had a chance to visit the museum and gift shop. The gift shop was filled with various Saint and biblical paraphernalia. So if you are looking to make a day trip to Pittsburgh and to try a different experience make sure to take the off beaten path to Saint Anthony’s Chapel and learn more about the religious
relics.  The staff is very kind and quite enthusiastic in answering any of your pining questions.   With finances a bit tight, one does not need to leave the country to take advantage of the wondrous places that are close to your backyard.

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