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There is an event next week that has gained such momentum that attendance will likely reach 400 people. I felt compelled to write a column about this event because frankly, I am stunned by the buzz this event has caused. Not only will the event proudly host  Mark Warner (U.S. Senator and former Governor of Virginia), who will share lessons learned as a small business entrepreneur-turned-legislator, and Chris Anderson, futurist, visionary, and Editor-in-Chief of Wired Magazine, it will also have four strategic panels on topics that are essential to business growth:

  • Marketing (I am a panelist)
  • Raising Capital
  • Getting Ahead in the Current Economy
  • Integrating Traditional Marketing with Social Media

I receive a lot of invitations to participate in many conferences and programs. I’ve been a part of events that have been enormous successes, and also events that have been underwhelming – to put it mildly. When I was asked to participate on the Marketing panel, I enthusiastically accepted because it is a Network Solutions event, and my friend Shashi Bellamkonda was the engine behind it… and he always gives 150%.

But I must admit that the strategic planning, the caliber of the panelists, and the professionalism of this conference has completely blown me away. 

While people are contemplating attendance or registering, there is incredible work going on behind-the-scenes. Each group of panelists has met multiple times (via conference call) to formulate specific strategies for their panel’s success. The moderators have invested significant time and energy in figuring out how to best tap into the knowledge & strengths that each panel has. These carefully planned conference calls have enabled the panelists to learn more about one another, build chemistry, and ensure that the attendees walk away with the maximum value that each panelist can contribute.

As a panelist, I have already learned so much from my fellow panelists just on these calls, and I have made some great connections. I am inspired every time I hang up from our call. I know that the event will hold immense value for me from both the perspective of a panelist and an attendee.

I don’t impress easily. I’ve been around long enough in business to know quality – or lack thereof – when I see it. I’m always skeptical at the outset. And this conference, absolutely and unequivocally, is a winner. If you want to grow your business and if you want to be a part of a networking event that will yield lasting results rather than just introductions, then you need to be at this event.

The event is on September 29th at the Renaissance Hotel in DC. To register, visit http://www.successinthecity.org/ht/display/EventDetails/i/10657. There are some discount codes available, but they won’t last, so do it today.

See you there!

Marissa Levin Marissa Levin started Information Experts 14 years ago at her kitchen table after her boss told her she would never be worth more than $34,000. Today, IE is a multimillion-dollar integrated consulting firm that is the thought leader in strategic communications solutions, human capital strategies, and learning strategies for government agencies and organizations. Ms. Levin is the recipient of countless leadership awards, and is known throughout the national business community as an inspirational visionary. She frequently speaks at industry events and universities on her experiences as a woman business owner who has financed 100% of her organization through earnings while raising two young sons, and maintaining a corporate culture that is employee-focused and values-based.