Irene DidinskyWhat does Susan Boyle (Britain’s Got Talent) have in common with Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds? Both tried various unsuccessful avenues before hitting major success rather late in their lives. Both Susan and Ray found their true passions and in spite of challenges and lack of support pursued them. Both chose to explore rather non-traditional avenues for their respective backgrounds and their own past experiences.

Susan’s stunning performance was not only beautiful from a musical point of view. Her life story and her road to the stage in Glasgow is very inspiring. She is a modest and simple person who doesn’t portray typical star qualities. Neither is she at the age when people are usually being discovered. She did not arrive in Glasgow to become a star. She came there to realize her life-lasting dream. She succeeded in spite of unfavorable personal factors.

Susan has a unique talent that only few posses but many admire. So we will hear a lot about her success. However, there are many successful stories that are published on a smaller scale in local newspapers. If you think about your past, view your past and present options, especially focusing on those non-traditional avenues that you have rejected before, you may find a new road. It is never too late to change and to become successful.

Irene Didinsky