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I had lunch with a new friend, Jill, I met through Success in the City (SITC) yesterday. This would never have happened if I hadn’t attended on of the New York City events.  If that was the only good thing that came out of my entire last year as a member of SITC, that alone it would have been worth it.

We laughed. We cried about how we miss our beloved fathers, and how when they are gone — we used the same word — we lost our chief cheerleaders but discovered the gift they left us: the ability to be our own inner cheerleaders. We talked about Canada (where I am from). We talked about the Girls Scouts. We talked about philanthropy. We talked about bringing success to others. As we gathered up our things to depart our meeting, Jill said those magic words: “This was wonderful. When can we have lunch next month?” 

I have a new friend. That is a gift beyond price; a prize beyond prized.

Networking is dead. Business communities are full of card-swapping zombies who show up for an event at a new organization, collect a lot of business cards, do a round of follow up, complain that they never got anything out of the group. OF COURSE NOT!

I was inspired to write this now. It will grow, but I wanted to share it with you first.

Forget Networking. Stop wasting your time.
Choose communities you care about.

Then: Dig in. Dig deep. Grab on. Then Leap.

Come to care. Come to give. Come to build. Come to share.
Bring your aspiration. Bring your perspiration. Bring your dedication. Bring your inspiration.

Keep showing up with a smile on your face.
Have a kind word for all in the space.
Open doors for the people who resonate true
And just set aside what’s it for you.

The world where we live reflects who we are
On the roads where we travel, no matter how far.
The journey determines the end that we reach;
When we set out to learn, we find that we teach.

For the things in our work and our lives we desire
Need the energy fueling our passion and fire.
The success and the riches and joy will arise
From what you give to others.

Yes, THAT is the prize.


Posted by guest Blogger Judy Bradt, CEO of Summit Insight