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Since my first child was born, I was a “work at home” Mom.  What that meant for me was that I didn’t TRULY “fit” anywhere!!  The female executive looked at me as another Mary Kay representative.  The  “stay at home” crowd looked at me as less than fully committed to my children.  (To set the record straight, I have never sold makeup and my commitment to my children is sacrificial, steadfast, and defines me as a mother.) 

So, there I was – right smack dab in the middle of the “Mommy Wars” debate.  Not clearly on one side or the other, and criticized by both.  However, one comment I have heard many times from successful women is this, “Working Makes Me a Better Mom”. 

I am not sure why this comment stuck out in my mind, but as I venture out of my “entrepreneurial circle” and begin to coach women executives, I have heard it more and more.  For the purpose of conversation, let’s accept that working DOES, in fact, make you a better Mom.  If so, is the opposite also true?

Does being a Mom make you a better executive or entrepreneur?  I have to say that I believe it does.  Being a mother has stretched me, challenged me, and “grown” me in a way that even my $50K per year coach can not.   As a mother and as a professional, I pursue excellence. 

So, meet me in the SITC “POW(d)ER room” and share your thoughts about how being a Mom has positively impacted your career or business!  To US!

Guest Blogger:  B. Michelle Pippin