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As I tuned into the 2nd Presidential Debate, I chuckled to myself when I saw that Tom Brokaw was moderating the debate.  It was just 24 “short” years ago that he introduced Geraldine Ferraro to the Democratic National Convention with these charming words,

 “ Geraldine Ferraro…
The first woman to be nominated for Vice President… Size 6!”

Could you imagine if he introduced Senators Obama and McCain by their weight or waist size?  I am not bitter, it just makes me giggle to see how our country evolves… 

 Regardless of our politics, I think we can all applaud Sarah Palin’s approach, persistence, and performance in this election.  Obviously NOT accustomed to the “campaign trail”, Gov. Palin has stayed true to her self… including staying true to her “style” which has been debated in our media.  Should she have cut her hair or changed her glasses?  What about the outfits she is wearing?  Do they “speak” power?  Seriously, America… I love to see a woman in power flaunt her authentic femininity.  And, I think I echo the voice of many SITC members when shouting, “WEAR MORE PINK!”  =)

I have to wonder, though.  Why is there this push for women to downplay their beauty or feminine traits in order to be taken seriously?  If only more companies (and more countries?)  realized that it is the characteristically feminine qualities we possess that make us PHENOMENAL LEADERS.  Truthfully, women are natural born leaders.  We are more likely to consult with others to get the job done.  We are comfortable with multi-tasking and use a more collaborative approach.  We tend to focus on the big picture when making important decisions.  So, why are women TODAY still questioned about remaining authentically female when vying for positions of power? 

I, for one, refuse to believe that to be a great leader, I have to be “more male”.  I applaud women who are climbing the corporate ladder in their fancy Jimmy Choos.  I applaud Palin for holding her own in the last debate while looking fabulously feminine in her black suit! I applaud women who are bringing all of themselves to their career, and remaining authentic, focused, and driven!   Lastly, I applaud the companies  who are recognizing that the same skills we use to integrate our work and the rest of our lives, the same experience we use to manage time, budgets and reluctant kids are of immense value in the boardroom!  To us!! 

Our guest poster is Michelle Pippin, CEO of Women Who WOW!