Confessions of a mad/sad blogger.  Alright, I confess here and now that for me blogging has become a love/hate relationship.  I have so much wisdom, wit, insight and clever thoughts that I want to share with you and tell the world. Yet finding the time to craft witty, meaningful and interesting prose is almost all but impossible, at least that’s the way it seems to me.  

As I drive along in my car on the way to and from a myriad of meetings my mind enjoys that bit of free-time-wandering and introspection.  Inevitably I am inspired to run home and share those moments of brilliant insights in my blog.  Alas, back at my desk the real world of phone calls and emails consumes my attention and detracts me from sharing with you yet again. Perhaps I am just too hard on myself and instead of crafting perfect prose I should write from the heart and just say it, even if all to brief. 

I envy my friends, Geoff Livingston, Andrea Goulet, Toby Bloomberg, Pam Sorensen and Kristina Bouweiri who all manage to maintain regular blog postings.  They are my s/heros; committed to regular postings and share great adventures and incredible insights with you.  Sigh, for now I will stand and admire them from afar and re-commit yet again to get back to blogging, after all, it’s good fodder and food for the soul!

Cynthia H. de Lorenzi serves as Chief Executive Diva of Success in the City a unique social networking organization for senior level executive business.  She is serial entrepreneur with 3 women owned companies under her leadership, including de Lorenzi Group LLC. Patriot Computer Group, Inc. and GoGawGaw. She serves on the Board of Directors for TiE-DC and the Telework Coalition, Community Business Partnership (CBP), which includes the Women’s Business Center. She is also a co-founder of the Washington Bureau for ISP Advocacy (WBIA).  She is a frequent guest speaker, panelist and media guest on issues related to public policy, workforce and technology and women’s issues.