Here and now I declare it, bodily, shamelessly and proudly, I have the greatest job in the world! For my friends who read this and know me well you have my permission to smack me with this bold statement the next time you hear my occasional whining about the self-imposed pressure, need and failure to post to our blog.   

The challenge of having the greatest job in the world is the chaos created by the enthusiasm to do more and expand on all the many great things one has committed to do. It is my blog that has become the neglected child of those many passions and interests. 

Daily a great idea, experience, incredible introduction or conversation occurs and I am momentary inspired with the thought that I would like to share those with you on my blog.  Inevitably, distraction occurs and off we go running in another direction.   Another day and week slips by without sharing any of those wise, insightful or nurturing words I so want to provide to you as inspiration. 

Debbie Weil, the author of the Corporate Blogging Book, Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Get it Right and the author of her own blog – Blog Write for CEOs was our guest two weeks ago for a conversation on blogging.  Debbie left our audience of CEO divas breathless and eager to put pen to blog.  She is incredible and inspiring and since then I think of Debbie daily and mentally reaffirm my dedication to blog posting.  Two weeks later here it is.   

What Debbie shared that continues to bounce around in my head is the fact that if you choose to do a blog you need to post and do it regularly.  It is not necessary to post daily but you do need to post on a regular schedule.  Even once a week can be quite acceptable. 

In Debbie’s book she shares the Top 7 Tips for a CEO Blogger, which includes these resounding 3.

  1. Find your passion
  2. Write conversationally
  3. Listen to your readers 

Do you have a blog?  Are you a devote blog reader or poster?  If you are a regular blog poster how do you get organized to post?  Please share your secrets or thoughts on this string. 

So here it is; this post for you Debbie. Thank you for the inspiration.