I’m single. I go out. I meet men. We have a great time. They ask for my number. Yet, I’ve noticed a trend – most don’t call me back.


My womanly intuition tells me that it’s not me. I’m fun, flirty, cute and I usually only give out my number if there’s been an established chemistry. Honestly, I feel that it’s the guy’s fear of rejection.

When I first started in sales, one of my first trainings compared selling to dating. You need to get to know your client little by little – making sure that you focus on their needs than your own. Sound familiar?

We also learned an important lesson about follow-up. It is your responsibility, not the client’s, to keep in touch – which means reaching out and making that initial call.

I’ve heard stories of companies who went with a competitor simply because the sales person didn’t follow up.

Similarly, guys lose out on a girl who is interested in getting to know them better because they are too shy/afraid/nervous to pick up the phone and make that initial call.

So, if you’re a guy and you’re nervous about that first call, take a sales class or ask one of your buddies who’s in sales to teach you the ropes. You’ll learn it’s a numbers game, you will get rejection, and none of it is personal. When you adopt this attitude, you’ll find yourself having more fun.