Last September I made the leap from corporate 9 to 5er to an independent writer and consultant. I bought a laptop & a Sprint broadband card and now I can work from anywhere.

I like to tell people my office is wherever my brain and laptop are, and recently I’ve been testing that theory. I’m on a mission to work in the wackiest locations I can find.

So far my “offices” have included:

  • a park
  • my car
  • a restaurant (ok, several restaurants)
  • countless coffee shops
  • a pool (don’t worry, I wasn’t in the water)

and my personal favorite (drumroll, please) – I actually wrote a blog post while getting a pedicure.

The funny thing is, you would think my quality of work would suffer from working in such varied locations, but it’s quite the opposite. By getting out and experiencing life instead of chaining myself to a desk I have more ideas and fodder for conversation than ever before.

So if you could work from anywhere, where would it be?


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