With Mothers Day fast approaching the “oh my gawd” what do I get for the woman who has cared for, worried about, supported, chastised, criticized, praised, encouraged, cheered-on, cried tears of sorrow and joy for us?  There has yet to be a bouquet of flowers, a sentimental card or bath powder that could ever come close or convey how much we love, appreciate, admire and respect our mothers.  

As a baby-boomer I am blessed to be able to enjoy this day with three generations; my mother and my children, my nephews and my niece and an incredible husband. My son and my daughter, along with a smattering of cousins and my sister who was in the know, gave me the best Mothers Day gift of all!  Yesterday, as I was just stepping out of the shower a knock was heard at my bedroom door.  For me, a 7 a.m. knock on the door is unusual and portends ominous news.  As I braced myself and opened the door, there stood my son, who lives close by, and my daughter who flew in from Portland, Oregon as a surprise.  Even their Dad (who is usually the kid’s soft-touch bank account) did not know she was coming.  They pulled this surprise off on their own.  I was so speechless and stunned I did not even hug her, at least not until the surprise wore off. 

I think I received the best Mothers Day gift my kids could have possibly given me, it was themselves.  For this I will always be happy and grateful and enjoy a heart full of love and joy.