I admit I’ve been skeptical. Six months ago, my friend Stacey tried to tell me about The Secret. I told her it sounded too new agey for me.

My boss tries to tell me about The Secret any chance he gets. He calls me the ‘Doubting Thomas,’ and gave me a copy of the book to read. It took awhile before I opened it. And apparently, I’m not the only one.

Slate had an article yesterday called “I’ve Got the Secret: What happened when I followed the best selling book’s advice for two months.” In it, the writer admits she came to The Secret with a negative attitude. Still, she decided she wanted a kitchen floor, new sinuses and a new desk. Although she manifested two out of three, give or take, she’s still poking fun at it.

I did finally pick up the book. I read half of it. And at first, I had a hard time signing on because what does it say for people who have cancer? They manifested it among themselves with their thinking? I don’t believe that. And I can’t explain it, but what I do know is I’ve seen The Secret working in other people’s lives.

And from what I can tell, it’s not about sinuses or a new desk. The belief becomes a way of life. It’s not something you can put a two month time frame on. Again, this is not from personal experience. But I know that when I apply The Secret to my own life, I must be direct in what I ask for.

But because my world is changing right now, I’m not ready to ask the universe for what I want yet. Instead, I’m simply going to “act as if,” which is basically the same philosophy, but maybe a little less dramatic.    


Michele Capots has been writing for various newspapers and magazines for the last 10 years. Her favorite color is purple. Currently, she works in public relations for Livingston Communications. Be sure to also check her out in the Buzz Bin.