Today, Cathy Lanier, Washington, D.C.’s very first woman Police Chief will be sworn into office by Mayor Adrian Fenty.  This is a momentous occasion for our nation, the changing face of inclusion and diversity as well as for those seeking signs of equality in the workplace everywhere.  I know Cathy personally and have no doubt that she is the right “person” for the job.  She exemplifies women of strength and valor who are protecting and serving us every day, apparent and transparent! I would not hesitate to call on her in a moment of crisis or in need of friendship.  She possesses superb management and leadership skills as well as the integrity we want to see in all of our leaders, men or women.  

Please join with me in giving a shout out and diva cheer to Cathy Lanier, Washington, D.C.’s very first Woman Police Chief.  Congratulations Cathy, your friends and supporters are very proud of you! 

Cynthia de Lorenzi is a  speaker and serial entrepreneur, co-founding GoGawGaw a Web development firm and
de Lorenzi Group, a business development company.   She serves as the Chief Executive Diva and Supreme Being Coordinator for Success in the City, an unconventional social networking organization for senior level executive women.