Who says you can’t dress professionally and have a little fun at the same time. I try to live by this creed. I wear colors, dangly earrings with my business suits and always the highest heels that I can possibly stand. And yet—I won’t wear my short skirt.

It’s an amazing black and white polka dot skirt, and it’s actually not that short. It probably comes to about the middle of my thigh. I used to know a CEO who wore skirts much shorter, and she wore them all the time. I admired her for it.

Yet every time I put the skirt on I take it off. I think I’m too old to dress like this. In my 20s I could have pulled it off, but now I worry that it’s risqué and that I’m not sending a professional message.

There was an interesting article in CNNMoney.com last week. They revealed the results of a Monsterworldwide survey revealing the biggest fashion mistakes in the workplace. Tank tops and visible underwear were the high scorers, followed by flip flops.

I have nothing to worry about there. I am not a fan of flip flops in the workplace [I am only now agreeing not to be in five-inch heels 24 hours a day] and tank tops, well classy camisoles, can indeed be pulled off with a business suit.

But the article quotes Norma Gaffin, director of content at Monster, as saying that what you wear at work speaks volumes. She continues to say that if you want to be taken seriously, then dress appropriately.

I agree, to an extent. I am a professional and I always dress the part. But I think it’s important to be in clothes that make you feel good, and therefore you should feel comfortable exhibiting individuality through your clothing. So as far as I’m concerned what is or isn’t ‘appropriate’ can be up for interpretation.

And I’ve decided my black and white polka dot skirt is appropriate. In fact, I think wearing a short skirt exudes confidence, a sense of peace with myself, and as a result, people will take me seriously.

Whether Norma talked me into it, or I talked myself into it, I’m going to wear that little black and white polka dot short skirt. ___________________________________________________________________

Michele Capots has been writing for various newspapers and magazines for the last 10 years. Her favorite color is purple. Currently, she works in public relations for Livingston Communications. Be sure to also check her out in the Buzz Bin.