I went to a business lunch yesterday and we talked about orange thongs. Only for a second, and we did it after the male had left the table, but we did it. I’m telling you this, because previously I worked with a bunch of men. And we would never talk about orange thongs.

I’m also mentioning this because it’s exciting, exhilarating even, that today a conversation about thongs can take place in the business setting. It was mentioned in passing, as part of a larger story, but on the way back to the office, I thought about it.

This was the first time I was meeting these women, I was trying to make a good impression. What if I jumped into the conversation and gave my two cents about why you should or shouldn’t wear a thong. What if I said I didn’t like orange ones, but pink ones instead. I didn’t and I wouldn’t, but I felt like I could.

But what do you do when circumstances like that come up in a business setting, and you want to contribute to the conversation, but in situations like that, it’s probably best you don’t, right?

I’m new to the Powder Room Diaries. I’ve spent the last 10 years writing for various newspapers and magazines and these business luncheon settings didn’t frequently come up. I mean it’s really just common sense. How much you choose to divulge in a business setting. At least I think it is.

Anyway, my point, with the orange thong, is that somehow the conversation put me at ease. For a moment, we were merely women talking to women. And that’s a great thing.


Michele Capots has been writing for various newspapers and magazines for the last 10 years. Her favorite color is purple. Currently, she works in public relations for Livingston Communications. Be sure to also check her out in the Buzz Bin