My Publicist, Geoff Livingston, has been after me for more than a year to begin writing a Blog.  And when, prêt ell, am I supposed to find time to do that? With writing a book, leading an organization, Success in the City, of fab, fantastic, incredible women, founding two new company’s, GoGawGaw, & de Lorenzi Group as well as restructuring another business Patriot Computer Group.   

So what’s another commitment to be witty, pithy and writing it all down several times a week? Yes Geoff, I promise to make it happen (wink, wink)!   Aha, in a moment of brilliance found when a group of savvy women come together; the idea of sharing a blog was conceived.  Together, with other divas you will meet here, we have created our own glog (group log).  

In the Ladies Powder Room tears have been dabbed away, girdles, bras, thongs and pantyhose adjusted, makeup retouched, hair sprayed, lipstick applied, secrets whispered and reputations made, destroyed and restored.  We’re here to share pearls of wisdom that come on the way to, while in and out of the ladies room.   

And so you have it, the Ladies Powder Room; a haven, a place of relief and retreat, a harbinger of secrets, humor, wisdom, beauty and the best darn place around to learn about the world.  Enjoy!  – Cynthia de Lorenzi